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    Sparkling Wines

    Sparkling wine is, par excellence, the wine for festive occasions, celebrations and aperitifs. It is thus named for the typical foam produced when the bottle is opened; it is a type of naturally sparkling wine that can be produced from any blend, unlike Prosecco Spumante which instead envisages the use of Glera grapes, typical of the DOC and DOCG area.

    Hence, even if it is known and appreciated mainly in its "white" version, a sparkling wine can also be rosé or red. What characterizes it is the sparkling process, or rather the second fermentation to which the wine is subjected in order to obtain the effervescence and the typical "froth". The second fermentation can take place either using the Charmat-Martinotti method, in an autoclave by adding natural yeasts, or the Classic-Champenoise method, through fermentation directly in the bottle. There are six types of sparkling wines based on the degree of sweetness and therefore the presence of sugars: Extra Brut, Brut, Extra Dry, Dry, Demi-Sec and Dolce (Sweet).

    The residual sugar also determines the pairing possibilities, making the sweeter sparkling wines more suitable for accompanying desserts and the dry and Brut wines more suitable for aperitifs, appetizers, fish dishes and sometimes even cold cuts and meats.

    Valdo sparkling wines are distinguished by the constant search for excellence in the Venetian vines, and in general in the North East of Italy, respecting the traditional vit "vocation"

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